Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A General Look

Pets R  Us

Welcome to Yawn Live's New Casters Pets R Us 

Yawn..  Fish Swimming Yawn!

Yawn ..  Aw Pampered Puppy  Yawn !

Yawn.. Fish And Birds Double Whammy!!

Honestly You Could Sit In The Animal Section Of JTV  And See More Animals Yawn! Am I Bored HELL YES !

Social Broadcasting?
Where Are The Casters Providing Entertainment, A Laugh, And I Dont Mean Miss SpitVik Either. You Know Interesting Conversation, Adult Humor, Artists Show Casing There Work. Come On Staff Recruit People With Social Skills,  Some One Wake Me Up When There Is Something Worthy Of My Eyes & Ears!


Friday, August 24, 2012


For the people who want to see the REAL killersnake. The 28 year old Killersnake. The Killersnake who goes in young girls rooms. The Killersnake who likes talking with young UNDER AGED girls. Here he is in all his glory!

EXPOSED!  If he's twenty nine, then I'm the Pope.

A big thank you to UNKNOWNJTV who put this in the chatbox. It's appreciated.

What does the dictionary say about a pedophile:  A pedophile is a person 21 years of age or older, who primarily, or exclusively is sexually attracted to children.

A "child" or young person veries for country to country, BUT we have seen Killersnake try his shit on with girls of 16 years.

YOU people decide. Do YOU want a man like that in your room? If you have kids. Would YOU trust him with your daughter?  If the answer to one, or both of those questions is NO, then write to Mark, or Scruffy and get him off...........Alternatively, you can sit on your ass and do nothing. Wait for something bad to happen. Then you can join the others saying "I knew he was a bad one. I never did trust him"  It's your decision.

More on Killersnake can be found here:   and

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Just another Tammy Hillman.

Hey Scutt. I really want to address Sergeo's blog about you, Tom and myself. I know if I put this in his comments he wouldn't publish it, and I hate going to his blog because he tracks IPs and I do NOT trust him with mine. So, once again I would really appreciate it if you would put the following letter on your blog. Thanks!

Sergeo. This is in defense to your newest blog about me. Let's see, this is what? The 8th one so far? Although you deleted most of your blogs, I kept copies of ALL the ones you wrote about me. I will call it libel, because that is exactly what it was, and is. I will also mention the slander. And, how about the threats? Let me refresh your memory with this video  at about the 2 minute mark, you threatened to kill me. I have many more ways to prove how you have threatened me. 

You are such a lier Sergeo. You had my old address. Do you need proof again? Check this out  the 10:45 minute mark refresh your memory Sergeo? Awww, looks like you are caught in yet ANOTHER lie. Yes, I did state in my cast that I moved because you knew where I lived, and yes, I did move for that exact reason. You have crossed the line. You have stalked me, threatened me, prank called my home, and told many lies about me, so, yes I was afraid that the next thing would be you lurking in the trees in my backyard next. YOU Sergeo, give me the fucking creeps, and trust me, I don't scare easily. Now, I would like to warn you...if you do not back off me, stop blogging about me, stop harrassing me and talking about me in your broadcasts, I will take legal action against you, and that is a PROMISE. You said in your most recent blog that I am not worth you time? Then, why may I ask you were you watching my broadcast to even hear me say I moved because of you?...And, if i am not worth your time...then why did you blog about me AGAIN?  The evidence is, you invest way too much time on me. Get a life, or a job...something, anything, other than stalking me. You say I smoke weed and drink with my kids? Are you fucking serious? Anyone who knows me knows I do not smoke weed. If I did, I certainly wouldn't expose my children to it. You say I'm on welfare? LOL. Never have been, never will be. How many people on welfare do you know own 2 homes? NOT mortaged...OWN. Paid in full, with cash? Your jealousy shows Sergeo. My best guess is you were a fat little boy in school who was picked on at recess and this is your way of getting back at the world, by being a cyber bully, stalker, troll, worthless piece of shit. Here is some interesting reads about what you have done to me on the internet Sergeo. They are called laws here for Michigan:   oh, and since you live in North Carolina where the crimes took place? Read this:   You see, this chick you call white trash? Well, I have had enough of your harrassment and I do intend to do something about it...and yes, I can afford a very high profile attorney. Not that I expect to win any monetary judgement, but I will gain satisfaction for everyone you have done dirty on the social sites. 

One more thing for the record. Towards the end of your last blog, you asked Tmskinz what he was doing talking to a supposed underaged girl? Well, I am the one who introduced Tmskinz to Kidwicked...Why? Because I informed him that Kidwicked was a very shady character. We used to laugh on Skype at how giddy Kidwicked would get when a young girl would enter his channel. He would bounce up and down on his chair he was so excited. Yes, Tmskinz drinks. So what? He is over 21, and obvously he pays his bills, we have all seen him casting from the same home for years. And guess what Sergeo? Tmskinz is raising his children...more than I can say for you! So, maybe he puts his childrens dentist and doctor bills before himself? No crime in that. As a matter of fact, I'd say thats a darn good parent.

In closing, I have one more thing to say to you Sergeo... "he who judges others condemns himself"  c'est la vie.

Posted by Scuttlebutt on behalf of Tammy Hillman.

Monday, August 20, 2012

LIARS, o'h them naughty little liars.

Liars inevitably hang themselves by their own words. It's predictable at some point they will make a comment that can be checked and proved. Then their entire "net life" becomes undone and they lose what little credibility they had as a person.

WESTSIDEGIRL. This 'lady' was telling us that she's a good person. Almost a saint, if you believed her story. (Read previous posts.) She tried to make us believe SHE was the victim of a stalker and she had done no wrong.

So how does this sweet and angelic 'lady' act with the male population of the Vaughn community?

The evidence speaks for itself.

ZOINK 916. Zoink (Bra-dilly) has been telling us for an age how he can get peoples IP and home addresses.

Zoink. You sir are a liar!  When you first said you could see everyone's IP in your room, I did a "View page source" check. I still have the copy.

Yesterday I sent a friend in to check again. The first thing she found was this:

There was nothing that could track, extract, or check for an IP address. So now I shall expose your bullshit to everyone by teaching them how they can check.

It's this easy. You need no special skills and NO it's not hacking.

When you 'source' the page, you'll see words like javascript, googlesyndication, flash_player and x-shockwave-flash. Trust me. All that is normal.

From what I see (and been told) all of Vaughn is clean. So to the lady who emailed me. NO. No one can find you via an IP address in vaughn.

If you do page source a casters room and find an embedded code, copy it into word. Then get a screen cap, with time and date, and send it to Mark, or Scruffy. Please don't send it to me!


It appears the king of liars has reverted back to calling himself "LORD".....

Yes, the self proclaimed lord is over on Blog-TV.  My guess is Mark's rubbing his hands thinking of them extra viewers he'll get when they are sick of Bobo's bullshit.

Bobo made a childish point of telling me how his blog got more viewers than mine. Mostly I don't care, but when this screen cap was sent in......temptation got the better of me.

7,915 all time visits? Bobo. This is so easy to expose your lies, it's like taking candy from a baby.

You mad? Hahaha. Lets try ONE (1) day.

And that was taken at 2200hours. (10:00PM) Do the math Bobo. 493 viewers in under a day.  It's a bitter pill Bobo, but suck it. :)

If only the above was true. I would offer to throw the switch. Deep fried liar, with the added taste of burnt hotdog neck. NICE!

If people wish to comment, or post, but wish to keep their anonymity, try MAILINATOR. COM

Sunday, August 19, 2012

More Lame than FAME!

Who is more delusional than Vikki? Who is more pathetic than Stud? Who is a bigger hypocrite than Sergeo? Try this dude.

After telling us all that the majority is wrong but he is right, he was left with the only option open to him.
He kicked out all who put up a constructive argument.

Don't miss this man. He's on battlecam spouting his trash. It may not be funny, but it's entertaining.

UPDATE: More over in the woodshed on this dude. Sorry Mac. Wasn't trying to step on your daisies here.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Although two wrongs have never made a right, this shit is crazy and could be called retarded. Let me explain with an example. Vikki will tell the world about her private life. Then she'll bitch as some "troll"  mention anything that she's said. This time we have a woman called Westsidegirl. Internet whore? Net lizard? Drama queen? Shit kicker?.... Or just a normal female looking for love?

This is a copy of what she posted on Sergeo taint stains blog:

A Dear Mooseknuckle Letter

  The drama at the moment on VL seems to be circling around a certain someone we know as Moosenukles and myself.
Truth be told, that story ended 6 months ago.

  Besides randomly popping into other casters rooms to stir up a lil shit with me, he's passing out drunk at his computer, crying to people that I broke his heart. He cries sob stories about cheating and whatnot which is absolutely ridiculous.

The real story told short is this: He and I were close for about 7 months. Within that 7 months I stayed off of all social sites due to his requests.  That's why ya'll didnt't see me for so long.  He had too many issues with disrespect, jealousy and drinking and the friendship came to an end 6 months ago!

He is now casting on VL acting as if this shit went down yesterday. Drunken ramblings of cheating because I am socializing on VL with all of you when he and I are already done with?! Get over yourself buddy! Those of you who take a word this man says as truth, have questionable brain function, js!

The guy hasn't shut off his computer in a month, nor logged off of vaughn.  And yet I'm the drama queen?
Open your eyes people!

  Friends and lurkers united on a few occasions now to try and coerce him into treatment or sobering up for the greater good of his sanity.
And to them I will give kudos.  When someone is struggling, we should extend our hand for support.  However....Nothing anyone is going to say will make him clean up his act unless he chooses to do so, for himself.  Lord knows I've tried for a year!

  To all my haters out there, I can't please you all so if you wanna hate on me because I want to move on from Moose's dramatic ways, give your head a shake!

  I didn't write this to show hate, rather to try and defend myself from all the hate he has caused.  Moose, I wish you luck in life.  For god sake, put down the bottle and shut off the computer!

(May I add here that Moose is a friend and I don't do 'disposable' friends,, But, i'll try to keep this as unbiased as I can.)

"" I didn't write this to show hate, rather to try and defend myself from all the hate he has caused.""

Two questions come from that statement.... 1) Why make what is private, public?  2) Of all the blogs, why Sergeo's?

If Westsidegirl didn't want hate and drama, why does she affiliate herself with both Sergeo and Stud?  Isn't that a contradiction?

Flap your ears to this:


And this:


The dude talking to Westsidegirl (Sarah) is Tmskinz. (Tom) Tom and I may not agree on a number of subjects, but he's a good honest man who I would trust at my back. He's also a free thinker who needs the truth.

Westsidegirl. If you read this, THINK. Ask yourself what is logical? Did you bring the hate and the drama on yourself ? Can you blame others for your own actions?  Did Sergeo put a gun to your head and make you post on his blog?

I wont go down the road of " Guilty By Association" but Sergeo and Stud?!?!?! REALLY?  And you want to come out of this looking like Snow fucking White?  Yeah, sure. And you can go in Tilted Kilt and tell them that Scuttlebutt said you can have free drinks and eats all night. They will laugh at you too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pity Party

Everyone With Nothing Better To Do Sat And Watched SpitViks Pity Party.

Declaring How Much She Loves Bruce, Saying How Great He Is Etc. 

She Has To Be The Saddest Woman On The Planet
But Someone Somewhere Loves You LMAO

Your Not Wallowing In Self Pity, Your Fucking Drowning In It. Get A Life FFS!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Vaughn 1 Year On

What A Year It Has Been For Vaugnh Live , Its Viewers And Casters Alike. I Want You Guys The Readers To Put It Out There Today, Your Views, Your Thoughts, You The Public Need To Speak Up !

Post As Anon Or With Your Cast Name, But Get Your Point Across.

The Path Mark Has Taken Has Been A Troubled One, With Fights And Displays Of  Male Ego Going Off The Scale And Female Hormones Causing Biblical Errors Of Judgement. Casters Were  Elevated To Crew Status, Only To Be Thrown In The Dragons Den With No Powers Other That A Meet And Greet Wave.

Im Sure We Could List A Thousand And One Errors The Vaughns Have Made Over This Last Year, And We  Know Them All Too Well As They Are All Well Documented. But Have Things Improved?
Lets Take A Look At Whats Happening Today.

1, Where Is There Help When You Need It? There Is No Crew Left To Ask For Help With Regards To Rules , Set Ups Ect.  Is This A Bad Thing? You Decide.

2, No More Staff Banning, ( Not As Much As Previously) One  Ban Since  The Great Armistice, Poor Oppie Banned For Wanting To Dick A Married Woman. Should Banning The Ass Holes Continue Under New Rules? You Decide.

3, No Protection  From Hate And Racism, Sergeo Being A Prime Example,  Screen Cap Him Talking ? And Hit The Report Button.  To Be Met With "Sorry  Thats A Personal Issue, We Can't Get Involved" WTF? What Is The Point Of Having A Community Manager If You Are Not Going To Look After Your Community? Does Vaughn Need A Community Manager With Balls? You Decide.

4, No Crew To Be Seen! Does Vaughn Need Crew Members That Have Skills, For Example How To Set Up Xsplit, Fme, Wirecast etc, Someone Who Knows Emote Codes Ect, Not Everyone Wants To Read Up, Besides Not All The Codes Are Listed,  Helpful Non Bias Crew Members Who Need To Be There To Give That Help And Be Someone People Can Report To If They Are Having Problems Or Issues.? You Decide.

5, Are The Relaxed Rules Working?  Are The Crowds Flocking To Vaughn In The Wake Of The  Armistice?  Give Us Your Thoughts, Because We All Know That The Vaughns Visit Here, Let Them Know What You Think. This Is Your Opportunity To Speak Up. If You Don't Speak Out Then You Have No Right To Moan Your Asses Off.

Scuttles And I Look Forward To Your Input!

"This Is The Peoples Blog & The Peoples Voice"


Once again ( predictably ) Bobo ran off to his blog and tried to do another 'preacher' type lecture of hate.  BUT, once again he put his foot in his big fat mouth.

I only have one question for you, Bobo. Do you ever think BEFORE you press return on your computer?  I find it hard to believe you have a brain at all.

I won't go pontificating about your stupidity,,,,even if the opening is a mile wide.

Let me get ONE thing through your thick and stupid head. I can put my hand on my heart and say this:-
Yanaha is not Pebbles. Pebbles is not Yanaha.  Pebbles wanted nothing to do with us finding you. NOTHING. (Do you even understand the word NOTHING?)

Also Bobo. NO ONE manipulates me. EVER!  I have more moral fiber in my pinky finger than you have in your whole body.

In your stupid rant, you said about me posting personal information. Then what did you do? You posted your conversation with Scruffy. ( Ha! Nothing l like better than reading the rantings of a hypocrite.) [please go read sergeo's rant blog]

So Lakergirl wouldn't be manipulated and hate on me? Does that make her a bad person? Is she guilty by association BECAUSE YOU SAID SO?

Remember Bobo. You started this crap....BUT YOU GOT PERSONAL by insulting my mother and family. (Both my mother and father died some years ago) THAT give me the right to retaliate.

Your words Bobo. "I started this war. Now you finish it if you can."  Well, I can and I have,,,,but that's not the full truth because I do believe you spoke one word of truth. You were not trolled off the net. NO BOBO. YOU WERE "TRUTHED" OFF!  The vast majority of people saw you for what you are.  I didn't get you off....THEY DID!  It's called 'public opinion' you idiot.  When some feel bullied, threatened, or just uncomfortable with you in a room, you know that something is very wrong.

Bobo. I provided both documentary and photographic evidence to prove what I've said. What have YOU shown?   You said about your tailored suit and your expensive shoes,,,,,even going into (over the top) graphic detail as to where and when you wore them last. Tell the truth Bobo. If you were this high powered executive closing big deals----WHY WOULD YOU MAKE UP A FICTIONAL LIFE FOR YOURSELF? ( Just apply some common sense ffs.)  A life where you deal in guns. Sell drugs. Own a Hummer. Own a white SUV. Own a Harley davidson. Own most of Loop Street, and own a Cessna light aircraft?   (All checked and all proved a lie.)  Sergeo. If your going to lie, make it an entertaining lie please.

Bobo. I gave you the opportunity to meet me face to face, but like most bullies you're a coward. We both know that you'd be sucking on pain killers on the trip home... (Thanks to sheriff Joe Arpaio and his laws.) And talking of "bullies." YOU Sergeo, said the same as all bullies say "I just wanted to play my music" or " I was only having a bit of fun" ..... Isn't that the excuse most bullies make when the tables are turned?

I hope I speak for the people. What they have sent in. Their concerns. With their voice..... If I have missed anything, please let me know and if Sergeo (Bobo) Saint James comes back with more bullshit, i'll be sure to print it then. (Plus show Bobo's new address and more of his 'executive' life, with more proof.)

As a postscript, I'd like to say "Well done Vaughn." I didn't think you'd make six months, never mind a year.  When Scruffy was swinging that ban hammer I thought the site was destined to fail. Ok. I'll eat humble pie. I WAS WRONG. But, please remember. You are only ONE asshole down. You still have three others in there. (And three assholes can keep us bloggers going for months.) *wink*

A quick note to all reading this. Please don't be frightened to comment with your thoughts/feelings on Sergeo. If you still feel threatened in any way, comment as an ANON. No one will know who you are. Sergeo is a nothing. A nobody. There is nothing he can do or say that can possibly hurt you now. He has been exposed for what he was,,,,and if he tries any shit,,,,he'll be exposed for what he is now. 

(A very heart felt "Thank You" to the people who sent information and screen caps in. Ten in total, or eleven if I count Yanaha as well.  I love every one of you and appreciate your contribution to this blog site. Thanks. )

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bye Bobo Or Is It???

I Was Emailed Bobos Posts  For The Last Few Days, It Seems That Mr Bob Saint Stains Has Left In A Cloud Of Ruffled Feathers.(Quotes From Bobos Own Blog)

"I Am Making This Public...Not To Badmouth Mark Vaughn Or What He Has Done But To Just State A Simple Point. Ironically Roco's TOS From JTV Was On The Birthday Of Vaughnlive. Ironically When I First Started VL I Was Told That I Wasn't Going To Last A Week There....I've Survived A Year And Letting The Key Go Back To Where It Came From. Not Saying That Social Broadcasting Is Not My Cup Of Tea But For Reasons That I Won't Make Public, I Am Severing Ties With The Site."

I Am Not Going To Bad Mouth Mark  Hahaha   What The Fuck Is Stopping You ,  For Months You  Have Called  All White Folks "White Trash"  You  Have Even Trashed Your Black Brothers.  You Are A Hateful Human Being.
And Yes  We Have Provided Proof Of The Lies And Shit That Has Spewed From Your Mouth.

"I Wasn't Banned From The Site, This Is Something I've Done Voluntarily. I Will Continue Blogging Off And On But I Will Drop The Links In Here Whenever I Decide To Do A Show. This Whole Bullshit With Yesterday's Mishaps And Private Skype Discussions Let Me Know One, What Color I Really Am And Two, Let Me Know How Much Of A Fucking Idiot I Have Been For Even Trying To Defend Something That Isn't Even Mine; And Three; How Invaluable A Pet Troll Is To People That Really Don't Give A Shit About You One Way Or The Other. Roco And I Learned That Both About Ourselves Yesterday. I Could Kick Myself In The Ass For All Of The Time Wasted Doing It."

Dont Bother Popping In Ta Say Hi At Vaughn Live, Most People Wont Remember Your Name, And Wont Give A Flying Fuck About You. Those Who Know You Say Good Bye To Bad Shit, You Have Spread Your Hate & Racism To Every Coloured Skin On This Social Site And Many Will Be Glad To See The Back End Of You.

"Social Broadcasting Wasn't Supposed To Be All Of This Fighting And Bullshit Going Back And Forth. I'm Not Going To Sit Here And Bash The Site Like The Rest Of The People Do That Walk Away From It But I Have Real Good Reasons For Not Wanting To Go Back And You Can Quote Me On This One, "You Will Never See My Live Stream Again Broadcasting On VL." So I Guess You Haters Win, You Got What You Wanted And I Really Don't Give A Shit How You Want To Say It. Unlike Most Of You, Being Part Of Something Is Nothing That I Need. I've Always Stood Alone. Why Am I Sitting Here Writing This? Why Are You Sitting Here Reading This? It's Just A Social Site And There Are Many Of Them To Go To. We Don't Know Each Other Personally And Thank God We Don't Live In The Same Towns, Cities, States And Countries As Each Other."

You Bought This On Yourself, With Your Hate Campaign, No ONe Likes You  Your One Of The Most Hated Men In Social Broadcasting. You Have Been Blogged About By Several Bloggers, And You Kept Pounding At The Door. Now Its Gonna Whoop You Up The Ass On The Way Out!

"You won't catch me chatting on VL either. My ties are severed clean. Whatever goes on there or don't go on there is no business nor concern of mine any longer."

Cheerio , Fairwell, Goodbye, Cya, Fuck Off, Thats If You Can Keep To YOur Word??

What Do The Readers Think?
Is Bobo Leaving Or Is He Blowing Smoke Up His Own Ass As Usual?

 "I am what many call a revolutionary. I have no prejudices against anyone other than educated judgments of one's known behavior. For as far as I can remember I was always interested in a better world and making my life's contribution to bring just that about."

 What A Fucking Joke

Sergeo meaning and name origin

Sergeo \s(e)-rg
eo, ser-geo\ as a boy's name is a variant of Sergio (Latin), and the meaning of Sergeo is "servant, attendant".

^^^^^^^ Haha And You Call Scuttle A Janitor ^^^^^^

Liars, Lurkers and Lecturers.

I've been busy the last few days, but I don't think I missed any of the bullshit. (Thanks to the lurkers who email stuff in.)

So Billpepper is still allowing hate in his room. I tried very hard to give Bill the benefit of any doubt, but the line must be drawn at some point.

First we had Granny with her lies.


Not just this blog, but others know that's not true. It's part of Granny's ass kissing duties in Vaughn to read and report back what is said. I glued together Granny's past three days viewing history:-


Granny brings up the subject of Sergeo, so let us look at what Mr Nostrils has had to say.

HA, HA,HA! This is Bobo's "lawn."

Damnit Bobo. Most people wouldn't let their dog shit on that lawn. Them Mexicans are scamming you Bobo, but wasn't it a Mexican who "scammed" his cock into your wife and got her pregnant? Then he "scammed" your stupid ass into paying for the kid.  Fuckkk. You don't have much luck with them Mexican guys, do you Bobo. (and you a big high powered business executive and all.) *Winks*

So let's show the world the other nights shenanigans in Billpeppers room. I'm told the Bill looked a tad embarrassed, but the jury is still out on that.

Don't you just feel the love in that room? HA! You people can be the judge on that shit.

Bobo now tells us that the white SUV across the road  is his. (He also said some other bullshit, but more in that later.)  Again, I phoned one of Bobo's neighbors to clarify IF he actually owned the white suv. The answer came back NO! I was told that it belongs to a Minni Davies of 366 Loop Street. (I don't believe I have a legal obligation to prove a point, but I DO believe it's morally right to back up what's said here with evidence.) So can you again go to:-  Then look on Google Earth and you will see this:

While I was talking to Bobo's neighbor, I asked about this comment of Bobo's... " I had on a brand new tailored suit, a six hundred dollar pair of shoes and
met up with some cool people last night and closed several deals over alcohol." His neighbor didn't answer. He couldn't. He was laughing so much!

Turning back the clock some. I showed a firearms expert this photo of Sergeo posturing with a gun:

His words, not mine. "That man is a f**king idiot and not familiar, OR SAFE with firearms. He has never had any training in the use of firearms and I wouldn't think that he's even permitted to own one."

Bobo. No one but a fucking retard would put their finger on the trigger of any gun!  The first rule is, you handle ALL  weapons as if they are loaded. No one cares if the clip is in or out. No one cares where the weapon is pointed. Guns are lethal and should not be in the hands of idiots.

So Bobo. With your Goodwill shirt and your Sears tie, what million dollar deals have you closed today?

Sergeo. Lets cut the bullshit here. I offered to meet you, but like some cowardly keyboard gangster you wanted to do it on Skype. THAT proves the type of man you are. I back up what I say here with evidence, but you make childish comments about my mother. (Who passed six years ago.) Do I hate you? NO. I feel sorry for you. Sorry that your life is so miserable and empty, you have to make up an imaginary one. You're nothing but a pathetic little man.

As for your "blog" Bobo. The last post you did was a patronising lecture on a good man. A better man than you'll ever be. It was blatantly obvious how jealous you are of Roco. You can put it down to the Navajo blood in me, but I feel honored to know Roco and all the other Roco's, who gave their blood, and at times their life, so we can do blogs like this, or comment on them,,,as is our God given right.

Bobo. When you give up your right to free speech ONLY then do you have the right to criticize. BUT! That's a catch 22. Then you would have given up the right to say anything. HA!

Take the hint Bobo. It's time you put up, or shut up, because I will expose you each and every time you open your stupid mouth. You incriminate yourself. I don't need to make shit up about you. You do that for me!