Thursday, May 3, 2012


For over a month people have speculated on the identity of the Blogslayer. Myself being one of them. Today I see in the chatbox a confession.

Truth, or a posturing lie? If it's the truth, then it's the biggest piss on Sergeo's and Surfrat's barbecue in an age, because both of them embraced Bogslayer with open arms and kissed the bogist butt.

So who could this mysterious chatbox commenter be? Who has a passionate hate for Mr Mac and the blogs? Who would type this shit?

Prepare yourself to be astounded. THAT IP belongs to a dog food eating zombie, who's death rattled her way out of her coffin on more than one occasion. Most will know her as Tina_weezer, but i shortened that to Tweezer. 

Tweezer is the only person I know who has been resurrected from the dead more times than Jesus Christ and Sergeo Taint Stains together.

So is Tweezer the Bogslayer? I doubt it very much. How can it be when her lungs are burning like fire as she gasps for that last breath of oxygen? PLUS, how could Booboo and Surf hold their heads high after hiding behind HER skirts?

Sorry Tweezer, but i think this is another one of your lies, but i'll admit, it was a funny lie.


PercyPlonker said...

Tweezer is a hurtful/spiteful/manipulating
deceitful/delusional/cock-sucking bitch. ooh I forgot the worlds biggest liar!!
she tries to manipulate people with her ooh I'm so innocent attitude meanwhile she is preying on her next victim to convince that she is on her death bed. she is far from being the little miss hard done by. she does not need anyone to enable her. so don't give her the ground to work. She is FAKE !!!

Mr. MacGregor said...

If the IP led to Reicherstown, Maryland, then it was indeed Tina. She's posted in the Shoutbox before as "her sister" Diane, scolding us all for making fun of Tina because she tragically passed away last night. This was over a year ago. But yeah, Scuttle, if the IP leads to that region of the US, it's her and you've cracked the mystery. Nice work.

Scuttlebutt said...

Tweezer thought she was being smart, white knighting Smurfrat and Booboo, but in her haste for glory she fucked both of them over. BOTH of them look silly now and i must admit i'm getting some pleasure out of that.

Yanaha said...

So miss tweezer has been playing silly games huh?

well all I know is she really needs to get her head out of her ass!!

shes playing games that she cant win.... she will get burnt !!